How To Stop Overeating – 9 Simple Ways

how to stop overeating

If you want to know how to stop overeating, we have 9 simple but effective tips for you that you can easily apply. But first you must first know how to assess your hunger, and here is a very simple way to do this.

Learn to Assess your Hunger

Since you have to know how much to eat, the best way is to know how to assess your hunger before a meal. This will allow you to consume an appropriate amount.

We suggest that you visualize this on a scale, arbitrarily graduated from 1 to 11:

1 – Feeling Totally Dead

I'm totally dead and I could eat anything, as long as it recharges my batteries. My blood sugar level is very low.

2 – No Energy

I have no energy, and therefore, am not at all productive. I can have mood swings.

3 – Feeling Very Hungry

I am very hungry. I feel that I have less and less energy, and that I need to eat something. It's my stomach telling me.

4 – I am Hungry

I'm hungry. No physical problem at the moment, but I know that if I wait any longer, it's going to be unpleasant.

5 – Slightly Hungry

I am slightly hungry. I'm thinking about my future meal, but if I ate now, I won't need much to be full.

6 – Feeling Neutral

I feel neutral. I am from Switzerland. I am neither hungry nor full. Everything is fine.

7 – Almost Full

I'm almost full. I have eaten, but there is still room. If I stop eating now, I'll be hungry in two hours.

8 – Feeling Full

I'm full. I am no longer hungry, although I will be able to eat more “for greed”.

9 – Feeling Complete

I feel complete. OK, I ate too much. I'm going to need to undo my pants a bit. The last bites were too much.

10 – Kaf Kardam

Kaf Kardam! I don't know how to express it other than with this Iranian expression which means “I have molars that bathe” (in what we have just eaten).

11 – Feeling Unwell

I don't feel well. I only think about my stomach which is really in pain. I'll have to go lie down for a while.


How to Stop Overeating

If you want to be careful with your diet, the first step is to be careful about how much you swallow. Looking around quickly, you will soon realize that a lot of people are eating too much.

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Here are the 9 tips, which are really easy to follow, to avoid overeating during your meals.


  1. Avoid distractions. 

Turn off the television; do not eat in front of your computer, or with the phone in your hand. Eating is an important act, which is unfairly considered as an obligation of support. To the extent that you are what you eat, focus on that moment, and learn to appreciate it.

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  1. Drink Water before your meal

how to stop overeating drink waterDrink a glass of water before your meal. Grandma's technique, but if you are too hungry, drinking a glass of water before the meal will prevent you from throwing yourself on the food, and eating too quickly.

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  1. Eat when Hungry

Eat when you are hungry. Do not wait until you are starving to swallow something, or you risk devouring everything that comes your way.

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  1. What is your Hunger Level?

Determine your hunger level before you eat. If you consider yourself to be 1 or 2 on the hunger scale, be even more careful not to eat too fast.

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  1. Concentrate

Concentrate on what you eat. How is your food arranged on your plate? What smells do you perceive? What tastes do you find on your plate? Does this remind you of anything? Enjoy the moment, damn it!

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  1. Take a Break

Take breaks during the meal. Put down the fork, and don't hesitate to chat with the person opposite.

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  1. How do you feel at mid-meal?

Are you full at mid-meal? Since it's easy to visualize when you've eaten half of your plate, take a break and ask yourself if you've eaten enough, too much, or not enough. How many more bites do you need to satisfy your hunger?

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  1. Full after your meal?

how to stop overeating eat too muchHow full are you after a meal? Look at the previously mentioned hunger scale, and ask yourself if you have passed the “I'm full” phase to show “full”. If you have eaten too much why did you do this? The food was delicious? Did you eat too quickly? Were you too hungry?

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  1. Take your Time

Give yourself some time! Learning to eat intuitively takes time, and practice. You will need several weeks to regain control of the quantities, and your hunger. Don't be too hard on yourself.

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